Financial Management


Financial Management and Project Management are professional disciplines which require knowledge and specific set of skills and competencies. Today the economic scenario is rapidly becoming more complex than ever before. Major shifts in technology, business and economic environment presents ample opportunities and many challenges.   In this globalised era, it has become imperative for all employees to upgrade their knowledge & skills on a regular basis to attain higher organizational as well as personal goals. A major managerial challenge is to build a productive team and also to effectively manage available human resources so that individuals function efficiently.   Effective Financial Management and Project Management are essential to achieve project goals and objectives within the time and budget constraints.

Systematic training in this field ensures accountability while aligning the entire business with actionable and achievable goals and objectives. This involves setting and committing to new standards of performance with built-in contingencies for all situations.

Financial Management and Planning is often perceived as being relevant only to higher officers of finance department. This is not, or certainly should not be, the case. All the training programmes of Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM) are designed to inculcate the importance of Financial Management to help participants to understand basics of Financial Management and how Financial Policies and objectives are established and to enable them to contribute effectively within our organisation and in improving managerial effectiveness and performance at government level